Gala for Lincoln Park Committee

A Community Coming Together

Thank you to our 2020 Gala for Lincoln Park Committee Chairs and Committee members!

Molly Pusch                            Gala Co-Chair

Rachel Pasquini                      Gala Co-Chair

                Danielle Hoeg              Gala/Marketing Co-Chair

      Mark Becker                     Marketing Co-Chair

        Julie Jahn                        Sponsorship Co-Chair

      Isabel Carpenter               Sponsorship Co-Chair

     Brittani Kemp                    Auction Co-Chair

     Trei Ricketts                      Auction Co-Chair

Kim Bodden                           Décor Co-Chair

Lauren Levine

Linda Baker

Melinda Munson

Janet Sontag

Gail Colvin

Julie Fiala

Alyson Coates

Jill Sanford

Cathy Smiddy

Kelly Small

Kelly Taylor

Kim Kozminski

Wyatt Harris

Catie Osborn

To volunteer for the 2020 Gala for Lincoln Park email

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